Us creative folk stick together because that's where the magic happens. We inspire, challenge and bring out the best in each other. Allow me to introduce a few people who push me higher as they pursue their own definition of greatness.

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    Creativity, expressed through art, is innately a part of me. I don't know why this gift (or curse) was bestowed on me. And I don't know why I have kept it mostly under wraps for this long. Maybe I have been selfish or maybe I was too scared to share it with you...maybe I feared that you wouldn't see the beauty I saw, either way that ends now. This will be a space for me to share my creations in all its forms, with you. Please stay awhile. Enjoy some of the wanderings of my mind. Peace.

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    This garden of ours is an online spiritual shop carrying items that raise your vibration, connect you with spirit and promote self-care from the inside out!

    Incense, sage, candles, crystals, books, jewelry and more. Be encouraged to cleanse your space, protect your energy and remember your magic!

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